Family Law

Family law regulates every aspect of family relations, including, but not limited to children’s rights, visitation, child custody and adoption, child support, prenuptial and marital agreements, separation and divorce (marriage dissolution) agreements, military divorce, alimony, division (equitable division) of the marital property, cases subject to elder law, estate planning and cohabitation agreements, as well as other legal matters having to do with family relations.

Normally the family law courts handle marriage dissolution, legal separation, marriage annulment, child custody and alimony support cases, legal matters of the elder law, cases of domestic violence, as well as other family related legal cases.

The following information contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding family law. They are very general and shall not constitute specific legal recommendations. Every case is individual and has specific circumstances that should be taken into account by a professional legal advisor. If you have any questions regarding your specific case, feel free to contact a Lead Counsel family law attorney in your locality from the list down below.

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