What do Medical Malpractice Lawyers do?

Medical malpractice is a term, describing a case of negligence by professional health care providers — all types of doctors (including dentists and dental office staff, neurologists, pathologists, cardiologists, oncologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, etc.), nurses and technicians, nursing home staff, hospital or hospital workers — who deviate from standard work practice of those with similar education and experience, causing harm to one or several patients.

Medical malpractice lawyers usually deal with cases of medical malpractice, based on the notion of negligence – meaning they help patients to recover damages they suffered as a result of the failure of medical care providers to meet the generally accepted standard skill and care requirements. Such standard medical care requirements may depend on the state’s policies, so medical malpractice lawyers must take into account these policies and standards. Medical care providers are unable to guarantee the success of medical treatment; therefore the case of unsuccessful treatment doesn’t necessarily make a patient’s medical malpractice claim valid. Medical malpractice rather includes cases of misdiagnosing an illness or injury because of the failure to follow standard procedures and tests, interrupting oxygen supply during surgery, prescribing unapproved or illegal drugs, etc.

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