How to Handle an Immigration Application Denial

People on a daily basis apply for immigration status to Canada. It’s a popular place to migrate to and there are several different avenues that a person can take to obtain legal immigration status into Canada. Whether you’re a skilled worker, you are being sponsored by a state or province or you are being sponsored by a family member already people who are wishing to legally live and work in the country of Canada.

The question that many people have when going through the immigration process is what happens when there immigration application is denied. The first step that needs to be taken is an immediate response in appealing the decision to decline your application. To help in this appeal process, you might be best advised to hire the services of a dedicated Toronto immigration lawyer. While you can try to deal with the appeal on your own, it’s best to have a legal professional that has experience in these matters to handle the appeal process as your representative.

It’s important to understand that your immigration application being denied doesn’t happen without a reason. In some cases, you have either neglected to follow the exact directions on your immigration application or you simply don’t meet the requirements for the immigration program you are applying for. More often than not, the decision for denying your application has to do with human error.

When you submit an immigration application to the country of Canada, your application goes directly to an immigration agent who is in charge of evaluating your application. In many cases, it is been found that immigration officers are far too strict when denying an immigration application and even if the person meets all the criteria, they can be denied.

In other situations, the denial of your immigration application may have a great deal to do with the agents personal feelings especially when the process moves to the individual interview phase. It has been well documented that in many cases, the agent handling your personal interview may decline your application due to the fact that they simply don’t believe that you’re credible person or that you’re trustworthy enough to gain immigration status in Canada.

These are challenges that are difficult for an individual to answer without the help of a legal professional. That is why once you have received a denial for your immigration status to Canada, you need to act quickly to contact an immigration lawyer and begin the steps of your appeal. You will be informed once you have received notice that your application was denied as to how long you have to appeal that decision. Time is of the essence and if you want to obtain legal immigration status in Canada you need to act immediately.

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