Labor and Employment Law Attorneys and Lawyers

Labor and Employment Attorneys work with employment law that basically regulates the relationships between employers and current and former employees, as well as applicants for employment. The only exceptions are negotiation and the process of collective bargaining, which are subject to the labor law.

Employment law covers Retirement and Retirement Plans, Health Regulations and Occupational Safety, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination. Employment Attorneys can teach businesses to lower the risks of employment litigation and to achieve compliance with law, both state and local, as well as to protect workers against the violation of their rights.

The aim of Labor law is to balance out the employer and employee bargaining power by preventing the so called “unfair labor practices” by employers and unions, as well as by obliging the parties to carry out good faith collective bargaining. The competence of Labor Attorneys covers mainly the employer and union relationships. According to the Labor laws employees have the right to unionize, allowing employers and employees to perform a number of activities (e.g., picketing and strikes, lockouts, seeking injunction) in order to satisfy their demands.

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