What is Workers’ Compensation?

To make sure that employees injured on site are paid fixed benefits Federal and state workers’ compensation laws were created (sometimes it’s called workmen’s, workman’s or workers compensation). This makes the compensation process easier for the employee by eliminating the necessity for litigation. Since many states are limiting the amount of benefits the injured employee is able to recover from an employer it helps to manage his financial risks. Workers’ compensation is insurance legally required to be carried by the employer if the employee is injured on site, or becomes permanently or temporarily disabled, or gets sick due to job circumstances, or even in case of a fatal accident. If an employer has more than 3 full-time or part-time employees, workers’ compensation insurance must be provided. This is a legal statement in all 50 states.

Laws that regulate workers’ compensation are different in many states, but the covered medical care usually encompasses prescribed medications, physical therapy, nursing care, hearing aids, chiropractic treatment, dental services, crutches, hospital, surgical and medical services. If you experienced on site injury or illness that caused permanent disability, you are constantly hospitalized or just unable to work for a number of days defined by state law you are also qualified for an extra financial compensation. Typically an employer must cover the medical treatment of an injured employee until the treatment is no longer necessary.

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