What is Elder Law?

Elder law regulates the aspects of lives of older American citizens and their families by means of law, decisions and statutes. The areas it includes are Medicaid and asset protection planning; Medicare, health care payments, managed care, nursing home care and long-term care; retirement/disability planning and Social Security; housing options (assisted-living and retirement homes); financial and health care planning with the help of durable powers of attorney; advance directives and living wills; revocable living wills and trusts, probate and estates; etc.

80 million baby boomers growing old and the fact that every 7 seconds one person hits 50 make Elder law one of the fastest growing areas of law and call for more information. Moreover, social programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, and “health care reform,” are handled at the federal level. The legislation changes so quickly that it’s impossible to stay updated without the help of a qualified elder law attorney.

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