about us

We provide our clients with the skills and knowledge we have amassed during 20 years of legal experience.

The unpredictability of what is to come in family litigation or personal injury matters can be overwhelming and stressful. We understand that people’s lives stand behind every page in their files, which is why we emphasize personal attention and accessibility. When you retain us, we thoroughly asses your legal issue to tell you whether it is worthwhile for you to obtain legal assistance or pursue legal action.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
    Family law regulates every aspect of family relations, including, but not limited to children’s rights, visitation, child custody and adoption, child support, prenuptial and marital agreements,...
  • Criminal Law
    Civil law covers only private cases relating to several private entities. Criminal Law Attorneys work with clients prosecuted by the state or federal law for act/acts...
  • Insurance Law
    Only in 1944 insurance has become “commercial” and subject to regulation by state or Federal laws. Several historical cases (like the US vs. South-Eastern Underwriters Association)...